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Gabriel Association

I created the Gabriel Association in 2012, driven by the love of my son Gabriel, my angel who left to join the stars.

He whispered the idea to me in his infinite wisdom and gave me the strength to give birth to this wonderful initiative.

The purpose of the Gabriel association is to provide or encourage humanitarian aid for young children as well as to support orphanages in France or abroad.

To this day, the association has supported 3,500 children in orphanages and schools in Vietnam and India, the Duc Son, Uu Dam and Son Cà orphanages in Hue, Vietnam, the heart school from Saigon street’s children , the children from floating villages in Thanh Hoa province as well as an orphanage and center for disabled children, disadvantaged children from slums in New Delhi, orphanages in Kerala in India, Amrita Niketan in Parippally, Irene Home in Allepey, Ashwasa Bhavan in Kochi.

The Gabriel association is a non-profit organization. Administered by the law of July 1, 1901, its resources are provided by donations and Stéphanie's volunteer work.

You can send your donations by check payable to the Gabriel Association at the following address:

1, chemin de Lugan 33610 Cestas FRANCE

or by bank transfer, send us an email to to receive a bank identity statement

or click on the button below.

Thank you for them, from the bottom of my heart!!!


Who am I?

Passionate about life and growing experiences, I had several lives in one!

My motto "behind every painful event, there is a gift, (sometimes badly wrapped ;-)) our task is to discover it".

And I have already received many gifts! And you?

I think that life is sometimes a smooth, flat or downhill path and at other times steep, stony and that we need each other to move forward.

I lived through 2 events that transformed many things, me, my life, its meaning, my relationships, my consciousness, my presence, my job, my place... in short – ALL.

The first event, in 2004, I felt myself dying in Thailand, following a peritonitis appendix and then, I came back to life, even more alive!

The 2nd, in 2011, what should have been the happiest day of my life, the moment when my son Gabriel was placed in my arms, was the most painful, he was lifeless... I have the privilege today of being the mother of an angel.

These 2 events taught me courage, the beauty of life, the will to live, detachment, unconditional love, surpassing oneself, questioning, the meaning of life...

Following these learnings, I created the Gabriel association which supports thousands of children (orphans, street children, slums...) in Vietnam and India. I go there several times a year, offering children my attention, tenderness, maternal love, and care... I am in my place as a mother of the world, Artisan of Wellness and awakening of consciousness. I offer initiation and humanitarian trips with children.

I was escorted on my coming back to life, after these 2 events, and it was thanks to these guides, these kind-hearted people, these "SOULS". I was able to be reborn, spread my wings and be the best version of myself (which changes every day ;-))

The magnificent experience of 10 days Vipassana retreat in noble silence with 10 hours of meditation per day allowed me to do a work of liberation and to be more in peace, in harmony, in coherence and in kindness, compassion and love for myself and for others.

So, having transformed lead into gold, it is in this logic of an alchemist that I propose to support you on YOUR path, more and more conscious, to discover the best version of yourself, gold nuggets hidden in you!

If my journey speaks to you, if you feel a dash of the heart, and that the right time for you is now, then see you soon, in the joy of supporting you...

Anh au Vietnam
Duc Son
Voyage au Vietnam

Travel to the heart of Self

Initiation and humanitarian trips

Journey "to the heart of oneself" 💖

Initiation and humanitarian trip to central Vietnam ou south India (in small groups of 5-6 people maximum).

At the heart of oneself, Nature and the others 💞

A week to take care of yourself, give time and love to children in orphanages.

The program includes (according to your desires and needs) meditation, massages, yoga, meditative walk in connection with Nature, rest, visits to temples and sacred places, meditation circles, boat trip on the river of perfumes in Vietnam or backwaters in India...

Recharged with beautiful energies to give better... time spent with children in orphanages, on the program, hugs, games, care (if you are a therapist).

A three-day immersion in a Buddhist temple in the mountains in 6 hectares surrounded by beautiful Nature for Vietnam and Amma's Ashram for India.

Thank you for listening to your heart and letting me know what your wishes are.

Very happy to support you


Stephanie invites you to let go and take a trip to your emotions. She makes your belly speak (among other things). I first came for the Chi Nei Tsang, in addition to the visualization care, both made me relax, and externalize this buried emotion. The consequence? It's unlocking the ability...  the ability to be loved... and that changes everything in a lifetime. A soft touch, and a careful listener Stéphanie make us leave, and feel outside what is happening inside. An excellent key to understanding and freeing ourselves from a part that is not letting us move forward. We don’t have this kind of meetings every day, andbut nothing happens by chance. Do not plan anything to do after the session, the body and mind relax, and nothing else is present anymore... only yourself.

Yann (Chi Nei Tsang + hypnosis)

Managing emotions, bookstores are full of children's books on this subject. But as an adult, how do we manage our current and past emotions? Phanie Hervé's Chi Nei Tsang belly massage is a good way to help for this! Pleasant place, warm welcome, empathetic listening and massage rich in know-how and experience are offered to us. Phanie even manages to identify the emotion(s) that is/are released. I felt it and even heard it (it gurgled loudly ;-)). It was then my unconscious that, through my dreams of the week following the massage, allowed me to understand which period of my life the effects were located. It was obviously "a big piece" that dated twenty years ago! After that, the negative emotions, stress and anxiety experienced in certain situations and facing certain people disappeared: miracle!
Because the repressed and blocked emotions in the body are not accessible to us and prevent us from moving forward, this is a massage I recommend to everyone! I returned of course the following year because I still needed it. A big THANK YOU Phanie!!!

Audrey (Chi Nei Tsang)

With this belly massage Stéphanie identified injuries that went back to the very beginning of my life (from conception to my first years). Three emotions emerged: fear, sadness and anger. After discussion with my mother, she confirmed that she had been in this emotional state during her pregnancy and that it was related to my father, and his parents. These emotions were her own, but she had transmitted them to me without wanting and without knowing it. So, I was born, and I grew up with my mother’s emotions in me that I felt andbut did not understand which I got rid of during hypnosis sessions with Stéphanie.

Elodie (chi nei tsang)

You gave me a tool so that I could cope with the anxiety attacks that were rampant and, more generally, everyday stress. Every day I meditate (well… almost) but I never feel like when it is with you. I suspect you are using some hypnosis stuff.

Patricia (meditation)

Sacred woman
How many Lives have you been guiding me on this path...?
One of the gifts of this existence is to have crossed your path... and to choose to be by your side as I am and constantly changing myself
Namasté Master 🙏🏻😊
Thank you Soul Sister 🌸💖🕊

Virginie (self-connection workshop)

Since my childhood, I reproach my father for not loving me (at least not as I would like him to do), that he never hears from me and that it is always up to me to hear from him when I want it (every 1.5 months or a few years ago, every 3 months).
During a hypnosis session with Stéphanie, I decided to work on repairing my inner child relative to my father and repairing our ties.
A few days later, I invited my father to come and eat with me and when he came, he offered me a big bouquet of roses, which he had picked himself in his garden…. (he never offered it to me before).
Since then, he has been hearing from me regularly and our ties have been strengthened. We got closer and I don't blame him anymore for not loving me because now I know he loves me. It’s as if this session had "repaired" the two of us.

Elodie (hypnose)

What you brought me – there are many. First, with very good listening, you gave me confidence, at least you "showed" me that I had resources, qualities, that you knew how to help me to seek further.
You also bodily soothed me a lot, reflexology at first but the belly massage jostled me a lot positively and auriculotherapy too, I remember coming out in a state of intense well-being.

P (reflexo + chi nei tsang)

I have suffered from bruxism since the age of 9 (and I am 30). I am unable to determine what it is related to, because for me, no event in my life justifies this phenomenon. During 2 regressions (hypnosis), I decided to work on my bruxism. After having identified and resolved 4 events from my previous lives (war, hanging, forced marriage, slavery) and 2 others that did not belong to me (psychogenealogypsych genealogy)... My bruxism is finally gone, for good!!! It happens that from time to time it comes back, but this time it’s related to something with my current life.

Élodie (hypnosis)

Phanie, you bring me above all an foothold that I cannot reach alone for the moment. You know what I need when I'm lost... I come out of your sessions relaxed, light with less burden and more confident with my decision-making. You help me find my life’s path by giving me the keys of the doors to open. Since our last sessions, my life is more anchored and conscious. I'm getting better and better in my head.
You are generous and THANK YOU because it’s good to have this moment to be bale able to live more serenely.

Stéphanie (hypnosis)

This session benefited me in more than one way:
- Expression of my whole emotion,
- Relief and digestion that allowed me and allow me to be present with my parents
- Release allowing me to resume the advance towards me
- Realize that, contrary to what I thought, I did not completely cut the cord with my parents, and move forward on my liver problems which result from it.

Patrice (chi nei tsang + emotional therapy)

Weekend of pure happiness, simplicity, sharing. Thank you Phanie for helping us open our doors, our lives. A connection to one’s inner Self, soothing, lightness, I leave enriched and serene to live in harmony with myself. Many thanks

Stéphanie (self-connection workshop)

Thank you Stéphanie for this intense moment I do not regret having waited so long to deliver myself because it was said somewhere that it would be with you that I would be able to open up. When I left your office, I was happy to have finally spoken up and it is thanks to you, to your listening and especially to the fact that you do not judge the person who is in front of you, you are an extraordinary and wonderful person and I am very happy to have crossed your path. Thank you for your help and for all that you bring me daily with your videos and your little messages, I will simply finish: THANK YOU Stéphanie

C. (emotional therapy)

I met Ms. Hervé through a forum on the difficulties of procreating. She introduced herself, and described the different possibilities of freeing herself from burden, questions, doubts, etc., especially through hypnosis. I am not a person who believes in this kind of things... But I said to myself "why not!", it cannot hurt me. And in any case, if it brings me something, it can only be beneficial for my personal journey. And here I am making an appointment! Ms. Hervé welcomed me into her office, very Zen, very relaxing, and we started the session. I was conscious throughout the consultation, and I felt soothed. At the end, I was tired, but empty of weight, which I could not really explain... The following days were a source of confidence in me, I learned to refocus on my family, on people I love. A session where I went initially "only to see what it was...", ended with benefits on my personal, professional life, on all my way of thinking. To conclude, thank you Ms. Hervé for what you have given me. Thanks to you, I regained confidence in myself, and in others... A big thank you.

K. (hypnosis)

Thank you Stéphanie, for giving me this weekend of letting go and connection to real life, a realization of what I would like to live on a daily basis. I loved all the workshops offered and a great desire to share all of this with my loved ones and my children. Thank you for your listening, your kindness and all your knowledge that you share with us and that guide each of us on our life’s paths.

Stéphanie (self-connection workshop)

Thank you Stéphanie for these two days of sharing, of connecting with oneself in a beautiful energy, thank you to the group of women with whom I shared intense moments.
I feel in harmony with my whole being and also my sacred feminine, I was able to free myself from my fears and now move forward in all serenity.
"the way is clear, and all the obstacles have disappeared", that was my message from the oracle and that is exactly what I am living nowat the moment.
Thank you to the Universe, thank you to Stéphanie, thank you to my 7 sisters.

Fabienne (self-connection workshop)

I have the joy and the happiness to announce my re-birth to you!
And it is to you Stéphanie and tous "sacred girls" that I owe it.
The path has only just begun but what a beautiful journey in perspective.
I was looking forward to coming to this meditation weekend, today I am happy with its present and future benefits.
The birth was painful at times, but what joy and peace now.
Thank you Stéphanie. Thank you for everything. And thank you all.

Véronique (self-connection workshop)

This weekend was very enriching thanks to the group and content (meditations, meditative concert which was magnificent both emotionally and in terms of listening).
I have refocused on myself, and I feel more confidence in myself and in what I want to do... listen more to my intuition and my feelings, rather than listening to others.
The setting was magical.
The food was very good, moments of sharing and new recipes discovered to redo.
I would like to repeat a stay like this in the coming months.
A big thank-you.

Natacha (self-connection workshop)

I fell asleep and I feel much lighter. I woke up at the same time with your message that the treatment was over... magical! Thank you for this feeling of calmness and well-being. Thank you for your precious help.

Elisabeth (remote energy treatment)

Very diverse offer.
A panel of proposals where everyone can find what suits them for their well-being. For me, the ideal is individual care on the body (Chi Nei Tsang, suction cups, auriculotherapy and reflexology) and group work with meditation workshops, because it is easier for me to meditate in a group thanks to the energy of those present, and in addition, sharing was very enriching.

Agnès (all services)

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